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November 22, 2005

Psalm 68:5 “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation. God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity…”

We are literally watching as incredible needs are being met here through China Care. It reminds me that God works through those who are willing, in order to meet the needs of those who call on Him. Those abandoned are taken in. Those mangled are receiving the medical care that they need in order to live somewhat normal lives, many being placed with American families shortly thereafter. This is definitely not a sad place... but a place that takes very sad circumstances and turns them around completely. :) Here we see orphans being cared for, we are taking part in it. We are learning from it.
It is not like this in the majority of the world and it is not like this in most of China. The main cause of the enormous population of orphans in China is the “ONE CHILD POLICY” that began in 1979 in order to decrease their ever growing population. It has not been successful and has been the cause of “…1000s of abortions, forced sterilizations, and the ancient custom of female infanticide continues to this day.” -Lonely Planet.

Families go to great lengths to ensure that their child is male, females or males with any imperfection are commonly abandoned. Second and third children go totally unreported and uneducated. God help them, and their mothers, if they have any medical needs. It is rare that a mother would keep such a child. We are wondering if abortion attempts may also lead to an increased number of children being born with medical problems. One little girl was just taken to the States who had parts of 5 different noses, she is unbelievably beautiful today thanks to China Care.

At orientation we learned that "80% of children who are in state-run Chinese orphanages will die by the time they are 3 years old." That means that 8 out of every 10 children will not survive. That is exactly why we are here, to learn how we can show love towards these children and how we can help provide better care for them, as the Bible tells us to do. President Bush is here right now. His first public appearance was at church this morning. He is pressing for social, political and religious freedom for the Chinese. We can all pray, as that happens, that it will be granted and that as Christianity spreads, that many will rise up to provide care and love for children in orphanages here.

China Care is the organization that we are working with now. It is like a well in the middle of the desert. It was founded by Matt Dalio when he was 16 years old. He is now a senior at Harvard and President of China Care which now includes over 150 in-country staff, a stateside board of directors, 5 U.S. staff and all of the numerous little ones that have been touched in some way. “Students at 25 schools in the U.S. have even started China Care clubs that have sent over volunteers to work in the orphanages, started adoptive playgroups, found families for children who would have been left unadopted, raised the funds to give children surgeries, and more. Everyone who has gotten involved in this cause has found it to be extremely enjoyable, rewarding, and in the end has found themselves more changed than they ever could have imagined. If you are interested in starting a club and a making a real difference, please contact Leslie Dow, Club Coordinator, at ldow@chinacare.org. She will mail you a handbook and club kit which contains everything you need to get a club up and running.” :-) ATTN CVBC YOUTH!! :-) Much can be accomplished through one willing vessel, so dream big about your world.

Even the children whom we have found to be in the worst circumstances, have the most beautiful smiles and eyes you could ever imagine. They are little angels in bodies not quite as 'picture perfect' as others, but with spirits and character that allow you to see right past it all. For the past week, we’ve spent time visiting the children, playing with them inside, reading to them, taking them to the playgrounds, rocking them to sleep, learning about each of their circumstances and needs, visiting with the staff, asking lots of questions and working a bit in the warehouse, organizing all of the goods. The children here range in age from a few months old to 9 years old. Most of them do not stay here long term, but are brought from other orphanages for surgery and recovery, then either sent back to their orphanages or to adoptive families.

No matter the size of the portion that each of you have set aside, we want you to know how great an impact it will have. When a few people give a small portion, it can make a huge difference in the life of child who is really in need. Some options that we are considering for your donations include medical expenses for cleft lip, and/or cleft pallet, ($350-$500 per surgery) or to reconstruct the feet and bones of a child that otherwise would never have been able to walk and for these reasons they would all have a very small chance of ever being adopted. There is one little girl who needs heart surgery in the next couple of months, all the money seems to be coming together, but if not then part of your money will go towards that. Another little boy is deaf and one surgery could change that. While we are here, we have the opportunity to decide in what way your donations will be used. Please help us to pray over this.

Your most commonly asked question is “How is the food there?” I love it! We have lots of rice and noodles, and… spicy chicken with peanuts is my favorite (I know it’s a risk but it’s so good). Josh is in an apartment with one Chinese guy, and I am in an apartment with 4 other girl volunteers and our coordinator. We have a great time in there. Josh and I are both fine. Please pray that we could stay focused, that we could be used like tools and that we continue to grow in Christ.

Thanks for keeping up with our trip and for showing compassion towards these children! Sally.

For more info on what we do…www.portionfororphans.org


Sally with a little girl named Dade, who was born with a cleft lip and pallet that was open from her lip to her eye.


Sally with a little boy named Gui Shu, who was born with Spina Bifada which kept his legs from growing normally.


Josh cleaning up and preparing a new apartment that will be an ICU room for babies requiring more attention.