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Answered Prayer

January 4, 2006

Great News! For some reason, it has been really on my mind to pray for opportunities to share the gospel and to teach the Bible here in Nepal. That was one of my prayer requests of the latest newsletter. Josh and I have just come from a meeting with 15 of the girls here at Parizat Nestling Home in which we were to all decide together what Josh and I will do while we're here. After sharing our options with them we asked what they would like to do first... "learn Bible" a few of them said together before even a second had passed. :) There is nothing more I'd rather do than spend the next month sharing the most amazing truth I've ever heard with these girls. There is very little language barrier here, so please just be praying that God would use us to help these beautiful girls to 'learn Bible' as they've requested.

Hoping this brings all of you great joy, especially since you have enabled the love of the gospel message not only to be spoken here, but also covered in kindness by providing for some of the financial needs here as well.