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February 11, 2006

" Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

" It's not about what you can do, but what God can do thru you." - My Mom :)

We are now in Kakinada, a city of 400,000, on the East coast of India. We're working with Paparao and Mission to the Nations and it is an honor to have him showing us the work that God has set before him. The light and love of Christ are shining so brightly here. Since we arrived, we have spent each day visiting 2-3 different programs that Mission to the Nations has begun. Only by God's love and direction could a ministry like this exist. Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

When we visited New Life Children's Orphanage, founded by Paparao, we were welcomed by flower neclaces and two lines of over 100 adorable little children, each holding a rose for us. Awe, they were excited to welcome visitors. :)

Paparao and I in the girls' bedroom. We were discussing what their current needs are. Behind us you can see the beds, matresses and lock boxes for personal belongings. On the other side of the wall is a line of boxes, no beds or mats. The children sleep on the floor in front of their box. Donations that have been made to Portion for Orphans will be used to purchase more matresses for the children to sleep on, a few boxes that are needed, some material for new clothes, and some medicine. :) The most common cause of orphans in India is poverty. Many of these children have no parents at all, others are better off in the orphanage than with their parents because of extreme poverty, alcoholism and/or abuse.

This is the Pre-K 'classroom' in one of 13 schools that Paparao founded and directs in Kakinada. These are Christian schools and there are a few hundred children in each.

Some teachers have up to 80 children at a time, all day. The average teacher salary in India, despite a college education, is $1 per day, not even enough to provide food for the immediate family. This pic, I chose, for you to be able to see the obvious needs of this school. During school hours in India, there are children everywhere, so many go completely uneducated. Let me not fail to mention the enormous respect among the children who are in these schools, regardless of poverty. They seem so very thankful.

Mission to the Nations ministers to approximately 200 people and their children in this Leprosy Colony. Leprosy is preventable, and curable... at a small cost. Paparao brings medicine to these people, food and other items that they need. A few years ago he brought them enough material to make shoes for each other. He said that they need more shoes. $400 would provide enough material for all of them to have new shoes. This woman is young and beautiful, but leprosy causes her feet and hands to be numb. It's gross to say, but the reason they lose fingers and toes is because they bump them on things, they get infected, and they can't feel it when rats chew on their open wounds. Shoes take on a new meaning, wouldn't you agree?

Women and Children's Outreach The Bible emphasizes the importance of reaching out to orphans and fatherless children. Paparao has organized an awesome program for mothers in need. They apply thru local social workers and evangelists. Those in greatest need are accepted into the program and provided for in various ways, including groceries that will increase the birth weight of their baby, helping them to be born and grow up to be healthy. I believe there are currently 250 women in the program. It takes place in 6 different Vocational Training centers that Paparao has set up to teach different skills for 9 months at a time to ... local women in need, many of whom are victims of sex trade.

Evangelism Outreach Programs Paparao is a pastor and leads his own church in Kakinada (The construction of which was paid for by Sam Baxter in Longview, TX. :) Small World) There are also over 200 evangelists for Mission to the Nations who go out into the villages carrying the love of God and the gospel. He's also looking to help equip over 200 pastors in this area. He asked if I know anyone who'd like to come and lead a conference for them and if I could help him find sponsors to support some of the pastors to go and live in the villages, at $10-$25 per month. One American donated money to Paparao for any pastor affected by the Tsunami, thus the above church is being rebuilt. :) We went to visit today and met the pastor's wife, she's in the green dress on the right side of the picture.

Our main focus is on the orphanage here and 100% of the money you've given will go directly toward the children there and their needs. However, if you would like to donate to any of the other projects described above, please let us know. They each seem so important and are all used to share the love of God, to meet needs, and to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ. You would receive a picture of the money being used just as you would like it to be. :)

Prayer Requests :

  • For Gui Shang at China Care who has recently received surgery thanks to your donations.
  • For Jun Ping with China Care who has been claimed by an American
  • family. :) Your donations are providing some private instruction by a specialist at the moment. :)
  • For Paparao and Mission to the Nations.
  • For our little Nepali friends who I miss so very much. ;)
  • And for us, to be set on our Shepherd at every moment, taking every opportunity to let His love and truth shine thru us.