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March 19, 2006

"Trust in the LORD, and do good..." Psalm 37:3

" Live the life you've always imagined." - Thoreau

Latest News from Portion for Orphans in Thailand...

First of all, just wanted to show you the face of one of the little ones that your donations are reaching out to. :)

Below you can see a few items that were needed to help take good care of her and all of her little friends here at the Pattaya Orphanage. It's a blender to help the nannies prepare their food, as well as all kinds of medicine for fever, cough, rash, runny noses, and tummy problems. There are a few other items too, including fun stuff. :)


Below you see one of the older girls. I was not able to get to know any of the older children very well because they were at school and studying most of the time, but I did want to give them a few things that I was told that they needed. The bag you see me handing to her contains what you see in the following picture. There are 20 older girls and 40 boys who also got a bag. Because of your support, we were able to give these children what most children would receive from their moms and dads on their birthdays. :) Thanks, from them and me both, because it was very special. :)


Here is a picture of a neat mat we've given for the baby room. As a pre-k teacher, I feel it's important for little children to have a huge colorful rug with Thai letters all over it that they can look at and learn to walk and crawl on instead of the dull slippery tile which looked painful when they would stumble. :) Christine, who you see in the picture, is the volunteer coordinator. She said she has dreamed about working at a place like this since she was 7, she made it! And she would love to meet any of you who would like to volunteer there. I highly recommend it!


And last but definitely not by any means least ... the shoes arrived at the Leprosy Colony in Kakinada, India. A family from my church back home was so quick to step up and say... go get those shoes and so we did! 114 pairs to go along with the Bibles, food and medicine that was also given specifically for them from friends back home. :) Whew... I hope that each of you are feeling just as happy to be a part of this as I am, it's almost too much for me to believe that God has given us these awesome opportunities to reach out and show God's love all over the place. I'm happy that all of you are a part of this in whatever way, it makes it all possible. :)


Although I was planning to visit the Philippines, the plan has changed for various reasons including the current state of the government but also the rains, that I'm told would keep me from visiting the places where I was hoping to go. Maybe I will be able to return there at a different time, but after praying and requesting advice, I've decided that it's not a good idea right now. So ... this purpose-driven journey is complete :) mission accomplished! Although, I'm hoping and praying that it's really only just the beginning. Step by step He leads us like a good shepherd, to the places He deems best for us and for others.

So, for the next few weeks I'll be at different places that look like the picture below... just resting and reflecting. While I strongly value hard work, I'm also a firm believer in taking days of rest and exploring God's beautiful creation. :) I love you guys and will see you in a few weeks.


Let us run in the path of His commands so that when we are welcomed into Heaven because of our faith in Christ, we will also hear well done because of our works.

I love you guys so much and honestly, more than ever before, I'm overwhelmed with your generosity and partnership.


P.S. Last pic ~ This is Dom and Lim. They are two of many students at the handicapped school next to the orphanage. Neither can stand up due to previous accidents. Both learned to swim last week and are now doing laps back and forth using only their arms. Talk about doing the best with what you've got!


[Click here to view several additional pictures]