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Portion for Orphans Newsletter

September 26, 2006

Dear Portion for Orphans Partners,

Doors of opportunity have opened for us to continue working in Kenya and Nepal. I would like to thank everyone at Cypress Valley Bible Church for sending me back to both of these places, where I will be until December.

While in Kenya, I will be living and working with Catherine Muteti, founder of Acres of Mercy Ministries. For the first two weeks, I will be working within her ministry with widows and their children, helping to improve their Christian preschool program and ministry for the mothers. I will also be leading a seminar on childcare methods for teachers and caregivers in the area. Then, we will spend a few weeks visiting orphanages where we hope to set up a support system that will help provide adequate food for the children as well as ministries to some of the 60,000 children who live on Nairobi's streets. In all of these areas, my goal is to meet needs as well as to share a clear gospel that will hopefully continue to be shared when I leave.

The girls at the orphanage in Nepal, where I had worked previously, have invited me to return, to live with them and to teach them more about the Bible. I will spend the month of November there with them, teaching them about the gospel of Luke as well as leading different classes on goal-setting, developing character traits, swim lessons and crafts.

Both of these are wonderful opportunities to strengthen our relationships with many who are already reaching out to orphans. Please be in prayer that as I, along with all of you, strive to heed the biblical commands to help orphans, God would bless the work of our hands and allow our efforts to be truly beneficial to children who are falling between the cracks unnoticed.

Let your lights shine bright and give thanks always.


Sally Allred

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to provide a way for Portion for Orphans to meet real needs of orphans in Kenya. This is very difficult due to the corruption in this country.
  • For Acres of Mercy, that God would bless this ministry, allow many needs to be met, and for a clear gospel to be dispersed through it.