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October 2, 2006

More than 3.6 million children in Africa have lost their parents due to AIDS. In Kenya alone, in 2002, an estimated 700 Kenyans died daily due to AIDS.

The lack of the loving arms of a mother and father, along with the lack of effective Child Protection Services, causes an unimaginable number of children in Kenya to become victims of all kinds of suffering, ranging from homelessness, hunger, neglect, and all kinds of abuse, including sexual. Though you and I are not, by any means, able to meet the needs of each of these children, we are doing what we can, where God has opened doors, and praying that He would bless the work of our hands and allow us to be of real help to children who are very close to the heart of God. " Pure religion" is what the Bible calls this kind of work.

Christ Himself has challenged us to LOVE, past all boundaries of race, class and religion… especially concerning those He called “… the least of these.” Thanks to all of you for joining in through prayer, encouragement and donations.

This is a picture of Africa Inland Church Children's Home, East of Nairobi.

Last week I asked you all to pray that "God provide a way for Portion for Orphans to meet real needs of orphans in Kenya." We visited this orphanage last week and I was really impressed with how the home was organized and managed, better than most homes I've visited in the past. We had taken a few items to donate and it turns out they had just run out of what we had brought, which included soap and feminine products for the girls. Imagine a young person not having someone to provide such necessities.


The following day the directors drove all the way to where I am staying in order to talk with me about the children and their current needs. These include food and mattresses. In a time of drought in Kenya, many are striving just to get by and this makes it difficult for orphanages to provide quality care. They also said the children would love to have Bibles and they suggested I teach them a little as well. : ) God is so good to open such a door that will allow us to meet physical and spiritual needs here. We sent some children's books back for the kids.


When not visiting an orphanage, I've been working in this Christian preschool classroom, which is one of many branches of Catherine's ministry. This has allowed me to interact with the people of the community and to hear their desires to receive better education, and more Biblical teaching. It's amazing to see Catherine working to do just that and I'm thrilled that she's concerned with presenting a clear gospel message. Please pray for her ministry, Acres of Mercy.

Prayer Requests:

For Portion for Orphans to be an instrument that God can use to do great things for children in need.