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October 15, 2006

"He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit.." John 15:5

So that you know the kind of children we're reaching out to, I want to first share what a Kenyan friend of mine said to me yesterday:

"I grew up in an orphanage. All of us were abused in every way and I'm sure nothing has changed."

60 Mattresses ($9 each) and Bibles were provided for African Inland Church Orphanage. They've asked me to return to encourage and address the children's spiritual needs.


The Pre-School Teachers' Seminar on Saturday, October 7 went great. We had 9 women come and they were so grateful for the new ideas on disciplining children with love. I've been to many seminars myself so I had lots to share with them. One thing I addressed was that they not threaten the children that they'll go to hell for bad behavior. That's common here since it is what most people actually believe. That provided a door wide open to share the gospel of grace through FAITH in Christ.

Since almost everyone around here says that you get to heaven by being good, Catherine and I have typed out the John 3:16 diagram of the gospel. Here is a picture of her working on it.


In addition, the John 3:16 diagram is currently being translated into Swahili, as well as Kikuyu, the language of the largest tribe in Kenya, by Alex and some of his friends . God's timing is perfect and He is opening so many doors. Alex is an example of what can happen when an orphan is well cared for. He grew up in a local children's home and is now a strong Christian reaching out to needy women in this community. Please pray for him and his friends as they translate the John 3:16 diagram for us. They are among very few men who are interested in reaching out to other men in this community. Since the breakdown of the family is what causes orphans, I consider strengthening families to be highly connected with orphan ministry.


Please be praying over the following:

  • A visit to New Life Orphanage, Nairobi that is founded by American missionaries and has worked with over 800 HIV + children, curing them and adopting them out.
  • Addressing the physical & spiritual needs of the children at African Inland Church Orphanage.
  • A soccer match this Saturday that Catherine has organized to reach out to men in this community. We'll be passing out the John 3:16 booklets.
  • Opportunity to teach Bible to a group of needy women that Catherine is reaching out to.

Love you guys ~ Thanks for partnering in this ministry. I sincerely hope it blesses you indeed to be involved.

Abide and bear fruit,

Sally Allred

Portion for Orphans