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June 19, 2007

This week in Cusco, Peru...

This week we have learned a lot about why these children are in the orphanage. Some were abandoned in random places, others left at the orphanage door and others brought in by their fathers who were unable to work and care for the young children after having lost their wives. Our goal is to reach out to these children and to minister to them in every way possible... educationally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Despite their unbelievable circumstances, when these children pray they pray not for themselves, but for street children. They are precious.

We have all had an awesome and very full week. Even the 6 year olds had up to two hours of homework per day so we spent a lot of time helping them with that. But, we made time also to do various other activities like play-do, which they loved and enjoyed for over two hours. One day we took them all out for popcorn and a movie, another day we took them to the park and taught them how to play baseball and how to jump rope. Each one made a picture frame for a picture of themselves to hang above their beds and we are working on creating photo albums for each child that volunteers will keep up to date after we leave. The interaction and activities are so great because they allow the children to express themselves and it gives us the opportunity to show each of them how very unique and special they are.

We've been reading lots of Bible stories, as the children have requested. This week, theo lder ones even started leading that time, reading and asking questions of the younger ones. At the park, we used sidewalk chalk to help them understand John 3:16, the free gift of eternal for those who believe. Tho the church they attend has a fairly clear gospel message, the children still say you get to Heaven by obeying the law. They believe that if they mess up, they'll go to hell. I shared with them that all who believe in Christ alone for eternal life will go to Heaven, and that if believers obey the Bible, they will hear 'Well done' when they to get to Heaven but that if they disobey, that life will be more difficult for them and that Christ will be disappointed when they get to Heaven. Many of them drew and re-explained that message to me with their sidewalk chalk when we finished.

We will take a short break this week and visit Machu Picchu for Monday and Tuesday. Then we will spend the rest of the week making some repairs at the orphanage, buying things for the children including comforters, school supplies, clothes and some personal items for each. They love the Spanish children's Bible and we are trying to have some of those sent here for them as well.

On Wednesday, I will be meeting with the pastor here. We've quickly become involved in the church here. The leaders like the John 3:16 diagram so I gave the pastor some more things to read. He asked if we could meet to discuss the info on Wednesday. He seemed very interested in learning more.

Please pray with us over all these activities and opportunities. Also, for orphans around the world and those who look after them.

You may view some of our pictures from Peru at picasaweb.google.com/jlsmith3394.

For His Glory,

Sally Allred Lockett <><