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June 25, 2007

"Singing, laughing, dancing, to her favorite song... a little girl, with nothing wrong, is all alone..." - Norah Jones


Hey All,

It turns out that God had a plan when he placed us in Cusco, Peru. Thanks so much to all of you who've given to Portion for Orphans as well as to all who helped us pay our way here. I hope you enjoy reading below about the fruit that God has been allowing us to bear.

One of our supporters gave in order for us to take a break midway and do something fun and relaxing so we spent Monday and Tuesday hiking up Machu Picchu and nearby WaynaPicchu. WOW! We had a blast and came back inspired to finish strong in Cusco. Here's a pic...

Jessica, Sally and Kristah at Machu Picchu

First day back I had a meeting with Eli, the pastor here whose church founded the orphanage where we are working. He likes the info we've shared with him about salvation and discipleship and has requested some translated Bible study material as well as for a teacher to come and teach him and 20 other leaders and pastors in the area.

At the orphanage this week...

On Wednesday we celebrated Lucero's birthday. She's one of the youngest girls in the orphanage. Thank you for helping us provide everything to make that a very special time for all of the children. We've been trying to love and provide for each child as if they were our very own and you all make that possible.

Lucero's Birthday Party

Jessica helped all the kids make loads of Eye of God crafts in the last few days, Kristah has been prepping the 6 oldest children to join a guitar class starting this weekend. The guitarist in the worship band will be teaching them with the 3 guitars that we brought to leave with them. I've been talking with the children individually, to learn a little more about each of them and also to help them to understand the gospel. It's been so special. Yesterday a fellow volunteer from Holland sat in on the explanation and requested more info. We've also been working nightly on a personal photo album to leave for each child that future volunteers will help us keep updated. Last night, we gave each child a new pair of shoes that the volunteers worked together to purchase. You could just tell that they felt special. ; ) Then we took them all out for a special chicken dinner at a restaurant with a playground. That was a rare treat for these kids, their 1st or 2nd time to do something like that.


Kristah's Guitar Lessons ; )

Hope you're encouraged by what God is allowing your giving to accomplish in Cusco, Peru! Please pray that God would shine on us and be glorified in all that we do.

Sally <><



Take a look at a few additional pictures from Peru (click on any picture to enlarge):