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Portion for Orphans Newsletter

April 8, 2008


In this issue:

Dear Portion for Orphans Partners,

The Bible says that people should give a little to help those less fortunate (Dt. 24). It also says that it is pure religion to visit and help orphans (James 1:27). So many of you are partnering with us to do just that and I am blessed daily as I see the impact and ripple effect it’s creating! Today it’s your turn to take a look at the faces of some of the children and to see some of the ways your donations are serving them.

We are a Christian organization, and as we are told in Colossians 3:23, we do everything as unto the Lord… seeking to glorify Him in all that we do. His love and compassion is literally put on display through each and every project we fund. As a result, people in many nations where we work, are seeing His love through our orphanage ministry. It is drawing them and laying the foundation for all sorts of ministry opportunities. As you see the various projects below, know that they are helping kids and opening doors for the gospel to be shared. Children and orphanage caregivers are asking us to teach them the Bible. They are requesting that we help them to expand their orphanages and to start churches. Last year we were asked, by the director of New Life Orphanage in India, to send someone to lead a pastor’s conference. 400 pastors attended and returned to their villages with a greater understanding of how to teach about the grace of God. (We did not fund this event, but your donations opened the doors for it to take place.) When God emphasized the importance of visiting orphans, He knew that it would draw people towards Him.



The Philip Hayden Foundation is home to many special needs orphans in China. They recently shared an urgent need for soy formula for their lactose intolerant babies. Soy formula cannot be purchased in China. Thanks to the support of many of you, we’ve just sent off two boxes full of soy formula for these children. This is a common need for children’s homes in China. The same foundation is raising funds for a building project that will allow them to take in more children. You can learn more about the organization and how you can help at www.chinaorphans.org

Joanne Gorecki, a Portion for Orphans representative who is currently teaching in China, has recently visited Philip Hayden Foundation's children’s village. Here’s what she had to say…“My experience at the Shepherd’s Field, run by the Phillip Hayden Foundation, was amazing. The children are happy and well cared for. The foster home encourages the children to play with toys and early development. Without exception, the Phillip Hayden Foundation is providing special-needs children with the proper love and care they deserve.” – Joanne

Philip Hayden FoundationSoy formula for orphans at Philip Hayden Orphanage

SammyThis is Sammy, he needs a sponsor. He and others like him at the Philip Hayden Foundation, and many other orphanages that we work with, need sponsors to help cover the cost of their daily needs.



Boys in ThailandPortion for Orphans’ director, Sally Allred Lockett, along with her mother, Katie Allred, will be visiting Mercy International www.houseofmercyfoundation.com in Thailand [see map below], for the month of April. This Christian organization directs various projects in Thailand. We will be seeking to form a relationship with the directors and to identify needs that we can help meet. We will also be spending time with the children, and taking them for swimming lessons. Please pray that the trip would be fruitful, and that it would enable all Portion for Orphans partners to join in a Christian ministry to orphans in Thailand. Mercy International is currently constructing new facilities to take in more children. Learn more about this organization.

In addition to working with Mercy International, we will also visit a number of organizations serving children who have been forced into child prostitution, a nightmare which many vulnerable orphans fall victim to. We are seeking to learn more about this issue.

Southeastern Asia

Map of Southeastern Asia

Click on Thailand or Nepal to learn more about these countries. Learn more about Thailand Learn more about Nepal



Sally and her mom will be spending the month of May revisiting Parizat Nestling Home in Kathmandu, Nepal [see map above]. The 50 girls who call Parizat their home never cease requesting that we return to teach them more about the Bible. We will live among them and do exactly that. We will also be visiting with the director, assessing the needs of the girls and checking on how previous donations have been used. Our activities will also include teaching swimming lessons, reading lots of bedtime stories, and doing crafts that might one day turn into a form of income for the girls. Some of them are orphans, others were found living in prisons along with their incarcerated parents, for poverty related crimes.

The director has always dreamed of building a second home in order to expand his work. We will be discussing the possibility of helping with this new project. He has also requested that we find a pastor who will start a Christian church next to the new home. Anyone interested?

“I want to thank the people who donated to send you here to help us believe in God.”
– Sumitra

Girls at Parizat Nestling HomeSumitra



Below are links to a CBS News YouTube clip on ‘Orphans Left to Starve in Iraq’ and their rescue and improvement since.

Plenty of food and clothing was available. It was being sold by the caretakers at the local market. As the news correspondent said, “How a nation cares for its most vulnerable is one of the most important benchmarks for the health of any society.”



Just before Kenya started having trouble with their elections in December, the kids at Cypress Valley Bible Church’s Vacation Bible School, in Marshall, TX, raised funds to purchase 60 Bibles, one for each child at the Africa Inland Church Orphanage outside of Nairobi. We had to delay the project. Peace is now being restored. Please pray that the Bibles be purchased and delivered without problems and that God would bless Catherine, our representative who will be delivering them and sharing the gospel with the children. We hope this will start a long-term discipleship program. In the picture above, you see mattresses and various books that we donated last year.

AIC Orphanage receives new mattresses for the children


If you would like to make a tax-exempt donation to Portion for Orphans, please send it directly to:

Portion for Orphans
P.O. Box 458
Marshall, TX 75671

100% of general donations are used to meet the needs of the children. We also need help to cover trip and administrative expenses, but only donations designated specifically for that purpose will be used in that way. The trips enable us to assess needs, evaluate previous donations, to love on the children, and to teach Bible and share the gospel.

Please pray that God would increase this ministry, enabling us to help orphans in greater ways and to spread the gospel in all that we do.



Sally Allred Lockett
Founder/Director, Portion for Orphans